[Bug 36014] Re: kernel can't scale cpu frequency

Constantine Evans constantine at evanslabs.org
Wed Nov 29 04:12:58 UTC 2006

I must say, this bug is the worst I have worked with. I had thought that
the patches that were included in 2.6.17 fixed the issue, but the PPC
commenting method still works to solve the issue, it is apparent that
the bug still exists.

I have a few thoughts about how the bug might be solved, but none of my
ideas are without disadvantages. It would not be overly difficult to
write a patch that, if a Pentium M was detected, and the PPC tried to
limit the frequency in this way (min_freq==max_freq), would cause the
PPC's advice to be ignored. However, there is a possibility that this
would not solve the problem for everyone, and it is also possible that
it would cause problems for others. It might prove to be hard to
maintain, as well, since I do not believe that such a patch would be
considered suitable for inclusion in the vanilla kernel.

Unfortunately, I still don't understand *why* the PPC gives this false
information. Does anyone have any ideas?

kernel can't scale cpu frequency

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