[Bug 54897] Re: SCSI / AIC7xxx / Tape Library Problem

James D. Freels freelsjd at ornl.gov
Sun Nov 26 16:46:15 UTC 2006

Hello.  I think this bug is similar, if not identical, to a long-
standing bug I have reported in the debian bug reports, then later in
the kernel bug reports.  Please take a look here:


Perhaps if someone other than myself can verify this bug and demonstrate
a 2nd, totally unrelated computer, has the same problem, it will gain a
little priority and get fixed.  Presently, I have just quite using this
tape drive and using the later kernels since I have another tape drive
that is doing the backups.  But, I would like to gain this tape drive
back.  It worked fine under and earlier.

SCSI / AIC7xxx / Tape Library Problem

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