[Bug 50031] Re: [regression] Suspend [to-RAM and to-disk] is broken in 2.6.15-25.43

Quark Green quark.green at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 19:45:36 UTC 2006

Michael, this is in response to your query asking for clarification on
my comment about the closed lid anomaly. What I mean is as follows.
Under System-Preferences-Power Management, set "When laptop lid is
closed:" to "Do nothing". Set "Put computer to sleep when it is inactive
for:" to say 15 minutes. Under General tab, set "Sleep type when
inactive:" to Suspend or Hibernate. Continue working/playing on the
laptop. Then let's  say you want a break and you prefer the lid closed
during the break. So close the lid. Nothing should happen immediately
because that's that's the setting we selected above. Then wait for more
than 15 minutes idle time. Now the computer should activate either
Suspend or Hibernate depending on what you set before. But it doesn't.
It just remains on. The power light remains on continuously instead of
going off (Hibernate) or going into blink (Suspend). When I open the
screen, its still on and everything is still there, so the laptop didn't
go into Suspend or Hibernate. Now repeat the above but leave the lid
open during the break. This time the computer activates Suspend or
Hibernate after 15 minutes idle time. I hope I've explained better this

[regression] Suspend [to-RAM and to-disk] is broken in 2.6.15-25.43

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