[Bug 63886] Re: [Edgy] Unable to connect to some access points

sinvatech lmarton at sinvatech.com
Thu Nov 16 16:10:10 UTC 2006

It seems to be a kernel issue.
I found the same problems - I have wifi0 and ath0 - ath0 is the one that wants to connect and has the wireless extensions -wifi0 dowsnt however the dmesg tells me that is is a wifi card. I have an nc4010 laptop with atheros chipset. 

  This only happens if I boot with 2.6.17 kernel. The old  2.6.15 kernel
doesnt have the problem... I think the 17 kernel uses a different
module... I dont think I will mess with madwifi-ng- or at least not
until its stable in the kernel/dist instead I will just use 15 for now.

[Edgy] Unable to connect to some access points

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