[Bug 20062] Re: Keyboard non-responsive when using kernel 2.6.12 (breezy)

nigra nigra at freemail.hu
Mon Nov 6 19:49:46 UTC 2006

Unfortunately I've found this error with Dapper and Edgy, too.

If I enable Hyper-Threading in BIOS, I can't use my keyboard and mouse.
(These are simple ps2 devices.) If I plug in my usb mouse, it works...
But I haven't an usb keyboard. Should I buy one? :-)

On my workplace we have an (absolutely different) other machine also
with two cores. The result is the same.

The only solution if I disable H-T in BIOS and I don't use this

We use a lot of computers with common processors endowed with Dapper and
Edgy without any problems.

Keyboard non-responsive when using kernel 2.6.12 (breezy)

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