[Bug 34508] Re: 2.6.15 kernel fails to boot on ppc machine

fra.sa fra.sa at tiscali.it
Tue May 30 14:43:40 UTC 2006

hi all
same problem here tryng to upgrade xubuntu breezy to dapper on an imac g3 233 96mb ram.
Solved this way:
Before I ran the dist-upgrade I installed the official linux 2.6 powermac build from the ppckernel.org web site as an alternative kernel to boot from.
After the dist-upgrade finished I rebooted with the above mentioned kernel and the machine started.
Some functionalities were missing (because of the standard kernel) and so I recompiled a vanilla kernel with the config from the dapper shipped kernel(2.6.15-23) and things went a bit better.
Still some tweaking to do but the most functionalities are there .
Hope helped someone.

 p.s. sorry my english

2.6.15 kernel fails to boot on ppc machine

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