[Bug 37430] Re: Crash during breezy->dapper upgrade

Janik De Goÿ janik.de.goy at vub.ac.be
Mon May 29 22:27:19 UTC 2006

had the same problem. also upgrading while running kernel 2.6.12-686-smp
on a p4 with HT. System completely stuck. Rebooted into kernel
2.6.12-686. kde started and everything seemed ok. Opened a terminal,
sudo dpkg --configure -a, upgrade continued and finished.

Now everything is fine. Thanks to your dpkg --configure -a command (I
wouldn't have found this myself cause I am quite noob to).

It should be in the upgrade how to not to do it with kernel smp.

Crash during breezy->dapper upgrade 

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