[Bug 36158] Re: System does not power off on shutdown

Corsaire01 stephane.tranchemer at devinci.fr
Sun May 28 09:55:37 UTC 2006

to Sitsofe Wheeler,

I'm sorry there but if we discuss about this issue it's precisely
because we are unsure about the problem and would like ways to be sure.

On a second hand not everyone does know how to compile a kernel for
Ubuntu, I did not done it for a long while, since I do not use slackware
anymore in fact, and so first question coming in mind is how to get the
.config file needed in the source tree to have the exact config of the
kernel given in the Ubuntu release before trying to tamper with it ?

I don't see myself trying to guess all the possible options to have the
same than the Ubuntu stock kernel.

System does not power off on shutdown

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