[Bug 37276] Re: [Bug 37276] Re: Bad blocks cause computer to freeze

Charles Perreault muganor at videotron.ca
Thu May 25 15:25:44 UTC 2006

Hi Simon,

I can't reproduce my problem with the -23 kernel, I can't even find a 
single bad block in my hard disk.  I originally used breezy live cd to 
find 2 bad blocks(3824128 + 3824139) on my laptop HD, and I'm sure they 
were faulty.  Those blocks were used by a mp3 file.  Copying / moving 
the file was always causing a freeze under dapper and reporting bad 
blocks/sectors under breezy.  Fixing the bad blocks with e2fsck, under 
breezy, resolved my issue concerning that file.

I reran badblocks today with non-destructive read-write option and found 
no bad blocks at all.  e2fsck removed them from the bad block list and 
added the 2 blocks to the free blocks bitmap.  I did not try to rerun 
badblocks from the breezy live cd yet.

I am confused and a little anxious about my HD fixing itself...


Bad blocks cause computer to freeze

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