[Bug 38305] Re: after sleep networking doesn't work

Kevin campbell.kc at gmail.com
Wed May 24 22:17:22 UTC 2006

Well a little update, my wired network now returns from sleep, after a
little dist-upgrading.

As far as my wireless network goes, ifconfig reports info on lo and
eth1, eth0 is just completely absent.  sudo killall -9
/usr/sbin/NetworkManager, and then starting NetworkManager again helps
nothing.  iwconfig reports no wireless extensions, since it only sees

Then I tried modprobing ipw2100, ieee80211, and ieee80211_crypt (or
something like that) and that also didn't help.  So I had to restart

I repeat, this is NOT a NetworkManager bug report! This has to do with
my hardware not coming back on, with or without NetworkManager.

after sleep networking doesn't work

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