[Bug 35474] Re: Dapper - RT61 with wep key doesn't work

tenshu tenshu at gmail.com
Sun May 14 23:16:38 UTC 2006

okay nothing seems to move here
And all of us still have no wifi.

I don't know if this bug report mentionned the right package and his
assign to the right people.

I must admit that i underestimated the severity of this,
It is acting like everything work well ... but not!
It make my GNOME crash on reboot

It won't work with:
default drivers
compiled drivers from ralink
compiled drivers from serial-monkey SF project

So i think this is a kernel problem,
assuming the module isn't working correctly in dapper 
(compiled drivers are working in breezy so this is a regression).

I am taking the risk to increase this bug severity, and change the
Package fiel from ubuntu to the actual kernel.

If i am wrong feel free to correct it,
If you want of any kind to fix this bug ASK!
I'm ready to ship my card worldwild if it could help to make it working under Ubuntu.


** Changed in: Ubuntu
Sourcepackagename: None => linux-source-2.6.15
     Severity: Normal => Major
     Assignee: Ubuntu Desktop Bugs => Kernel Bugs

Dapper - RT61 with wep key doesn't work

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