[Bug 44261] Re: Dapper Beta 2 install misrecognizes S/ATA drives

therunnyman therunnyman at yahoo.com
Fri May 12 18:56:43 UTC 2006

Hi Simon,

I hope I'm understanding your question properly...

This was a fresh install from a well-tested Dapper Beta 2 install (text)
disc.  In the partitioner, I selected sda for partitioning.  That, of
course, gave me sda1 for the OS and sda5 for the swap partition.  Dapper
installed fine on sda, and is operational now, after having edited
/boot/grub/menu.list as described above (this strikes me as a bug unto
itself - there's no boot information on sda1, so I had to refer grub to
sdb1, where a Breezy install resides).

Looking at GParted from within Dapper, it understands itself as residing
on sdc [1,5], and understands sda as my storage partitions (which reside
on sdc [1,2]).

In a nutshell:

Reality is sda [1,5] is Dapper, sdb [1,5] is Breezy, and sdc [1,2] is a
couple storage partitions.

Reality according to Dapper (or GParted within Dapper) is sda [1,2] is
storage, sdb [1,5] is Breezy, and sdc [1,5] is Dapper.

Does that answer your question?


Dapper Beta 2 install misrecognizes S/ATA drives

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