[Bug 43082] Re: [Bug 43082] [Bug 43082] Re: Battery won't charge?

William T. Mann wtmann at linuxthinktank.org
Thu May 11 11:39:42 UTC 2006

> How are you determining that it's not charging?

Simply by leaving it on for a few hours and watching the battery indicator
applets (KDE or Gnome) and the hardware battery charging light on the
laptop: they never move from the same percentage of charge. I also know
it's not charging because even if it's at 99% and I leave the laptop on
for a couple of hours it still shows 99% and the hardware battery charging
light continues to blink meaning that it's charging. If I then shutdown
the computer, in no more than 15 minutes (at 99% charge) the light stops
blinking indicating a full charge.

Yesterday, on the other hand, everything seemed to work fine: the applets
showed the progress of the battery charge correctly and arriving at 100%
(after only a couple of hours) a window popup up informing me of a
complete charge and the light on the laptop stopped blinking.


Battery won't charge?

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