[Bug 6367] Re: Hard disk order changes when using docking station

Marten Klencke mklencke at gmx.net
Thu May 4 10:47:48 UTC 2006

It seems then that Kernel 2.6.15 and greater are inconsistent with the BIOS and GRUB?

What I tried to do is install Ubuntu onto a hard disk connected to my addon IDE controller. Ubuntu sees this as hda.

GRUB then needs to be installed onto, according to Ubuntu, hde (which is the boot device according to the BIOS and should be hda). Upon booting then, GRUB fails because it tries to find its data on a different drive/partition than what Ubuntu told it (hda according to Ubuntu, but to GRUB it's not the first drive).

So it's really painful to install Ubuntu if there is a disk connected to second controller because then the BIOS, GRUB and Ubuntu Linux don't agree upon numbering.

Hard disk order changes when using docking station

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