[Bug 30963] Re: [Bug 30963] Re: [dapper] snd_powermac does not recognize sound card

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu May 4 09:36:50 UTC 2006

Hi Shunta,

Shunta [2006-05-04  2:01 -0000]:
> After the downloading, it tried playing back from that site.
> Playback operation ended with all software on Dapper without error, but sound did not come out.

As I said, it seems that you need to check your audio cables and play
with the mixer settings. Does that help in any way?

Please also do

  amixer > mixer.txt

and attach mixer.txt here. Maybe it'll give us some insight which
particular mixer setting is wrong.

[dapper] snd_powermac does not recognize sound card

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