[Bug 42299] Re: Hibernating corrupts swap partition

Nick_Hill nick at nickhill.co.uk
Mon May 1 17:18:46 UTC 2006

I am having a similar problem with a desktop machine. I resolved the problem by appending resume=/dev/hda5 to the kernel boot line in 


Your swap partition may not be /dev/hda5. Change it to whatever your swap partition is. You can find out by looking in /etc/fstab.

The entry appears to be missing on both a clean install and on installing a new kernel.

I suppose this is a problem with the kernel package for omitting this boot line entry.

** Changed in: acpi-support (Ubuntu)
Sourcepackagename: acpi-support => kernel-package
Binarypackagename: acpi-support => kernel-package
       Status: Unconfirmed => Confirmed

Hibernating corrupts swap partition

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