[Bug 6367] IDE enumeration differs between docked and undocked on ThinkPad T42

RobotTwo ubuntu at 2robots.com
Thu Mar 16 23:43:01 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Some additional info -- when it detects the drive as /dev/hde, /dev/hda
doesn't exist at all, and vice versa. Someone had asked on the Wiki
whether "/dev/hda mirrored the SATA drives". It doesn't, and as far as I
know, there is no SATA on the T42p (only ATA), but I could be wrong.

Also, don't know if this matters, but I don't have any disk drives,
floppies, or cdroms on my docking station.

It's possible that this is a dock/no dock issue as I have been running
all day today on the dock, and it has picked up the disk as /dev/hde all

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