[Bug 43961] Re: Power down after shutdown does not work...

Alex Zepeda alex at blarf.homeip.net
Sun Jul 30 23:49:17 UTC 2006

I ran into the same problem when I upgraded from the stock Ubuntu
2.6.15-xxx kernel to a 'custom' kernel.  My goal was to get
Suspend2 working.  Actually, I ran into this problem while trying to get
usplash to work.  Turns out that the ATI framebuffer drivers were
causing problems.

With these removed:


The system reboots just fine now.  Now, it would be nice to get the
higher resolution console that the ATI drivers provide, but for now I'll
enjoy being able to suspend and reboot.  My system is a Compaq Armada
M700 with a Mach64 based video setup.  This ATI hardware has been
nothing but trouble and disappointment.

Power down after shutdown does not work...

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