[Bug 6367] EDGY Knot1 livecd FAILS AS WELL on such a system

Paul RIVIER paul.rivier at eleve.emn.fr
Sat Jul 22 18:12:18 UTC 2006

A friend of mine has such a config that totally prevented him from booting Dapper from the HDD. He is therefore still in Breezy.
I just asked him to test the Edgy Knot1 livecd and report me if the partitioning part of the installation process was possible, or at least if he can find his HDD in /dev. 

ANSWER : NO !!! Seems as broken as Dapper on that point !
-> Gparted would hang forever without finding any HDD
-> no /dev/sd* and no /dev/hd* at all

Is there any other test to do ?

udev enumeration should use /sys/bus not /sys/devices

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