[Bug 53475] Re: Incompatible libdevmapper 1.01.03 and kernel driver

Thomas Haberland th.haberland at hawkeye.net
Fri Jul 21 19:33:53 UTC 2006

> Did you check if the dm module is loaded?

unfortunately not. Because I never need to manually load the module and automatic mounting of the cryptdisks partition during system boot did work correctly since I installed Kubuntu 5.10 past year.
To be honest, in the meantime I found the correct module name for the required module (dm-crypt), the error message wasn't real helpfull.

After "modprobe dm-crypt" cryptdisks will start correctly.

So the final question is, what happened that a manual module load is
required and the automatic mounting during system boot doesn't work
anymore after a kernel security update.

Incompatible libdevmapper 1.01.03 and kernel driver

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