[Bug 35174] Re: [Bug 35174] Re: ThinkPad X60 cannot Resume from Suspend

osch0001 osch0001 at umn.edu
Fri Jul 21 15:47:18 UTC 2006

Although I have not fully diagnosed it, I am have some occasional 
problems with suspend as well, but I am always able to get the laptop to 

The problem seems to crop up when I change power states during the 
suspend (e.g., I suspend it on AC and try to resume it on battery 
power).  Sometimes when doing this, it seems to get stuck resuming 
before the LCD is turned on.  This can be solved by cycling between AC 
and battery.  Often it starts up immediately during the first state 
change, but sometimes it takes several tries and a bit of waiting.

Upon resume from these suspends, Network Manager seems to be broken, and 
I need to restart dbus to get it working again, which isn't the case for 
normal suspends but is the case when I hibernate the machine.

As the symptoms of this are significantly different than my earlier 
resume problems, I think this should probably be filed as another bug.  
ZZZ, can you get your machine to resume following this method?

ThinkPad X60 cannot Resume from Suspend

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