[Bug 38865] Re: [Bug 38865] Same problem solved with recompilation of sk98lin

Bost Rostislav.Svoboda at gmail.com
Tue Jul 18 21:19:19 UTC 2006

I've got the feeling this sky2 bug's been here quite a long. Where's
the problem guys?
Not enough info? Complicated logic? No time?
I mean I doubt I'll be able to find'n'fix the bug(s) but who knows...?

On 7/18/06, Denis PORTHAULT <denis.porthault at laposte.net> wrote:
> My Asus P5GDC ICH6 chipset broke down, and I resolved to switch to a P5LD2.
> Both have a Marvell 88E805 gigabit Ethernet controller.
> Unfortunately, the sky2 driver which worked fine on my previous mainboard freezes after a few seconds with the new one ... Maybe a revision problem ?
> I compiled the newest sk98lin, and it's now working.
> Thanks a lot to all of you !

sky2 driver freezing system after ifdown and ifup

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