[Bug 27659] external hard disk disconnects (firewire ieee1394 over SCSI) during file copy 'Read-only file system' 'Device offlined'

Hereon1 hereon1 at fastmail.us
Mon Jan 30 07:22:55 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Hi Ben -   Thanks for your work on this!
1) What, specifically, was it that caused this bug to be fixed in Dapper, vs Breezy?  Was it in the kernel, some module, something else?  
2) How sure are you that that is indeed what fixed it?
3) Since this bug makes Ubuntu lose data, that makes Ubuntu unreliable.  Wouldn't it be very good to fix that in Breezy?
4) Why did you think it "probably cannot be fixed in Breezy"?
Thanks. :)

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