[Bug 14394] cdrecord/k3b/nautilus problem

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sat Jan 28 12:39:04 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:


> OK so it looks like Ralph may be on the right track, at least for my
> hardware.

My theory when I was looking at it IIRC was that some Gnome process was
constantly on the look out for new media, e.g. USB memory stick or
CD-ROM.  It saw the unwritten CD-R but ignored it.  As cdrecord starts
to lay down intelligible data on the CD-R the next Gnome-process poll
spots it and tries to access it.  This causes problems for cdrecord.

Whether Gnome's at fault for ignoring some advisory lock, or the kernel
driver should be giving it an EBUGGEROFF errno I don't know.  I suspect
a little time working out the Gnome process involved and stracing it and
then kicking off a cdrecord may shed some more light.

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