[Bug 16863] ACER 3201cxi Laptop hangs when loading ac module

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Hi, I have an Acer 1652WLMi, with Breezy working. I too cannot get the Battery
Status working. This means that neither the Battstat applet works (it alway give
the plug icon, even when laptop is unplugged, and says Battery level i 0%), and
also that any other program trying to get Battery info does not work (for
eample, I have configured Gkrell to do this, and it says "no data" under the
IBAM section, and Battery 0%). I also cannot get any sensor working for the fan
(though the THRM sensor works properly, even if fan starts at random levels, it
seems). I can boot with the sole "noapic" settings.
Looking around in forums it seems that the Battery problem is due to the DSDT. I
heard someone made it by following the ACPIBattery Howto on Twiki.
The Saugeforce seems to have no DSDT for my model.

Can anyone tell me if there is a step-by-step way of creating a new DSDT and
what one should do more? (sorry for the step-by-step, but I'm a real newbie...)

I think the battery and fan issue are related. Originally the Processor Freqency
Scaling was not working too, but I could manage to fix it and now i works.

Thanks for any help...


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