[Bug 20771] general: 2.6.12-10 regressions from 2.6.12-9

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------- Additional Comments From ubuntu at ytene.org  2006-01-06 23:38 UTC -------

Not sure if this adds any value to your research, but I have just completed
another ubuntu build on my Thunder K8W system. This time I used the i386 DVD. So
far, everything is going well. Sequence:

1. Base system build.
2. System patch based on recommendations from GNOME's Update Manager [complete set].
3. Installation of the i386 SMP kernel [that's 2.6.12-10-686-smp][tested and
verified working perfectly].
4. Installation of KDE packages. - Note that I applied *EXACTLY* the same set as
described in my update posting of 2005-12-27.
5. Reboot into SMP+KDE environment.

This i386 environment appears to be working exactly as I would have hoped from
the AMD64 environment. Of course, it is now 10 days since that test, so it is
possible that some of the downloaded packages may have had incremental fixes
applied since my last AMD64 test.

To validate this theory I will try another AMD64 build tomorrow.

However, other users tracking this thread might be encouraged to try a 386
installation on their AMD64 environments, at least as a short-term work-around.
We know that the AMD64 core processor design executes i386 instructions even
more efficiently than Pentium family chips and more effectively than 32-bit
Athlon chips of the same clock speed, so in theory we should all still see good
performance, if not full 64-bit computing.

I hope that your testing is making progress, and perhaps even this update
provides you with some useful background information.

Thanks and Regards,


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