[Bug 17749] dc359x: Crashes kernel when using devices (cd, scanner)

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Wed Jan 4 20:11:10 UTC 2006

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------- Additional Comments From mail at monoworks.com  2006-01-04 20:11 UTC -------
oops, as not used to the bug reporting interface I did not add comments.

so long as I have tested with dapper livecd flight 2:
- cd-rw drive does not work, but seems not to be a bug. As tested now on the
windows installation, windows also can not mount/access cds, it only recognizes
the drive as cd burner. This is the same case with the live cd, recognition of
cd burner now works.
- scsi scanner now works flawlessly. I tried some scans and it seems to have no
more bugs.

Now, my question is: Am I able to just install the new kernel in from dapper
repositories without breaking to much? apt tells me about 3 dependencies which
should be updated within udev and removing hotplug.
The problem is, it is the PC of my parents, so I do not want to break the system.

And last but not least: Thank you for your work! :-)

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