[Bug 21569] prism2_usb: requires wlanctl-ng commands in order to work properly

Tormod Volden launchpad.net.tormod at xoxy.net
Fri Feb 24 22:06:03 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

Dapper flight 4: It is not necessary to run any wlanctl-ng command.
However, you can not use the Networking GUI, partly because of bug
#27823, and also because the resulting /etc/network/interfaces file is
not complete/correct (for linux-wlan-ng at least). Detecting network
names works fine (modulo bug #27171), but configuring encryption does
not work.

I have to manually add this to the file (I really need all 3 items):
wlan_ng_key0 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
wireless_mode managed
wireless_enc on

Then "sudo ifup wlan0" works. Still, with this hand-tweaked interfaces
file, I can not use the GUI to activate or deactivate the interface.

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