[Bug 28984] Kernel doesn't find root file system

JBadger lincoln.kliman at honeywell.com
Thu Feb 23 20:03:50 UTC 2006

Public bug report changed:

In the script local
FSTYPE is not defined at this point 
the lines:
	# FIXME This has no error checking
	modprobe ${FSTYPE}

	# FIXME This has no error checking
	# Mount root
	mount ${roflag} -t ${FSTYPE} ${ROOT} ${rootmnt}

Now I am going to try to just force FSTYPE to ext3 and rebuild the initrdfs.img.    

I get the same error message 
0/init: 1: fstype: not found
I noticed this when grub bounces me to the shell that even though /sbin is  in the PATH. pivot_root is not found by /bin/sh

/bin/pivot_root will not run and is a different size then what I have on
my root drive.

I am able to do the following commands once at the grub prompt
mkdir /myroot
mount -t ext3 -o ro /dev/mapper/Ubuntu-root /myroot
cd /myroot
sbin/pivot_root . old_root
exec /bin/bash
exec chroot . /bin/bash
mount -a

Note again that the pivot_root on the ram disk generated from grub does
not work for some reason.

In anycase I'll post any findings here when I get a chance but may not
be able to work on it until the weekend.

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