[Bug 40119] Re: SPARC boot failed: Illegal Instruction

Dave Love fx at gnu.org
Sat Dec 23 15:53:26 UTC 2006

You wrote:

> hi
> successfully installed dapper 6.06.1 on sunfire v280r

Well, that's a different architecture and experience is that it has
different issues.  (At least with v2xx, it used to make a difference
how the memory was installed.)

> http://myzope.kedai.com.my/blogs/kedai/114
> things to look out for:

Thanks, but I have quite a lot of experience with sparc.  I haven't
been able to try that box again, though.

> - always cold boot

That's a SILO bug, and a problem for production systems.  I thought it
had been fixed by now for Ultra III, but I now longer have one to try.
Has it been reported as still a problem?

> - if the install stops at Booting Linux, append fb=true

That should be reported too, of course.  Graphics problems mainly
occurred on Blade 1[05]0 when I was last involved, but that wasn't the

It's typically more successful to boot sparc via tftp than CD, but it
shouldn't be, of course.

SPARC boot failed: Illegal Instruction

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