[Bug 31857] Re: r818x driver freezes randomly

Dan Lenski lenski at umd.edu
Wed Dec 6 18:03:35 UTC 2006

I can confirm this bug under both Edgy and Feisty (stock kernels).

I am using a wireless card with a Realtek 8225 front-end chip.  I have
found that the system freezes ONLY when I am SENDING lots of data, NEVER
when receiving.  For example, if I throttle a file upload to 10 kB/s, it
will continue to work indefinitely, but if I allow it to run at full
speed the system will normally crash in a few seconds.

Who is maintaining this driver?  I emailed the maintainer listed in the
log files several months ago, but never received a response...  I would
like to try to fix this problem myself, but haven't made much headway.
There's no indication in the system logs of anything going wrong before
it crashes.

r818x driver freezes randomly

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