[Bug 40708] rt2570 wireless network problems

Nick McGill nick at mcgill.org.uk
Fri Apr 28 22:40:21 UTC 2006

Public bug reported:

Affects: linux-source-2.6.15 (Ubuntu)
       Severity: Normal
       Priority: (none set)
         Status: Unconfirmed

using 2.6.15-20-386, in a mixed network environment (M$ & Ubuntu) with
samba, winbind etc.

Several problems show up:

winbind will crash the network connection, bringing down firefox if it's
running. ping a machine on the local network by name, and a
'segmentation fault' occurs. This can be prevented by placing entries
for local machines in the hosts file, although system is still unstable
(as below).

deactivating rausb0, then reactivating it will cause the computer to
lock up - hard reset required

As far as I'm aware, I'm fully up to date with the updates.

One thing which may cast some light is teh report in dmesg:
[4294742.493000] rausb0 (WE) : Driver using old /proc/net/wireless support, please fix driver !

If anyone can tell me how to fix this (as a starting point) I would much
appreciate it.



rt2570 wireless network problems

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