[Bug 33368] Re: X freeze the computer (Dapper - glcore)

emonkey ubuntu-de at e-monkey.ch
Fri Apr 28 17:54:15 UTC 2006

I've downloaded the Live CD instead the install CD. But this "mistake" showe me some interessant fact. The first Kubuntu 6.06 Beta freezed shortly after X has started, too. So I've tryed to start with the "save graphic mode" boot option and that works! Unfortunately this freeze with the "normal" boot option I've no logs 'cause it's a live CD...

I'm going this weekend to the mountains so I can try it with the install CD and the Beta 2 soonest on Monday the 1st of May.

I really hope someone can fix this problem before the 1st of June. I'll do my best to give you all the information which are useful to solve this problem. Thank you anyway for your commitment.

X freeze the computer (Dapper - glcore)

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