[Bug 38688] Re: unable to boot

Alejandro Cornejo acornejo at ieee.org
Wed Apr 12 04:53:04 UTC 2006

The module ata_piix was being loaded (nice trick to use cat instead of lsmod :) )

Here is the info, although i'm pretty sure its useless:

ata_piix 12548 0 -live 0xffffffff880ab000

I had no /dev/hd* entries, the closest thing is /dev/hpet, which i'm pretty sure has nothing to do with hard drives.

Also, aside from ram[0-15] and sd{a,b,c,d}, there is nothing in /sys/block, no even the dm-[0-3] u mentioned.

waiting for instructions... (is there any hack to reduce that 3 minute timeout?)
unable to boot

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