[Bug 33162] Re: [Bug 33162] Re: Acer Travel Mate 3210 needs acpi=off

manuel manuelsspace-registros at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 13:49:55 UTC 2006

El día Monday 10 April 2006 04:17, Tollef Fog Heen escribió:
> Flight 6 has a too old kernel.  If you could install dapper and then
> upgrade to the latest kernel, the acpi=off should no longer be needed.

But newbies and peoples which evaluate moving from other OS to Ubuntu will try 
Live-CD and this will fail without any message.

If the boot loader provide Fx-Laptop Compatible this may be avoided. The help 
screen may explain the reason 

I'll try from kernel.org. I suppose this is the one you recommend

Acer Travel Mate 3210 needs acpi=off

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