[Bug 38702] Re: sound does not work

Tero Karvinen karvinen+launchpad at iki.fi
Sun Apr 9 09:40:35 UTC 2006

Very similar bugs:
- Bug #37975 - no sound with Intel 82801FB
- Bug #37287 - no sound with Intel 82801G (x2), no sound with 82801FB   
  One reporter has Acer Travelmate 3000, just like me. 

A bit similar:
- Bug #37539 - no sound with Intel HDA with STAC9200
- Bug #30408 - no sound on some intel 915
- Bug #5844 - no sound with some intel board

Some say it worked with one of these but not others: 2.6.15-20, 2.6.15-18, 2.6.15-19. However, different versions are reported to work for different setups. For me, sound worked partially with some settings on Dapper Flight 5. 
sound does not work

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