[Bug 35624] Re: Broadcom BCM4306 wireless - unable to connect

Paul Sharp paul5082 at sio.midco.net
Fri Apr 7 20:59:04 UTC 2006

I don't believe it's the wireless-tools either, but somewhere the BCM4306 is wrongly recognized with this version of Ubuntu, as it worked fantastic with Ubuntu 5.10.  I've done lots of digging and can't find where it's going wrong, but then I'm not the programmer either.  By rights, the way the BCM4306 wireless is recognized with 6.04, it should just work, as it calls it wireless and knows what it is, but it's unable to connect OR configure without using the wireless-tools.  It's all the same hardware and configuration that worked flawlessly with 5.10. 
Broadcom BCM4306 wireless - unable to connect

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