[Bug 2962] Update on Bug (Dapper Tests)

edal edal at freestart.hu
Sat Apr 1 20:24:45 UTC 2006

OK, I downloaded Dapper Flight 6 then applied all the updates so that I was working with the latest software. Here's what happens.

On power up the power status display indicates that there is zero battery charge (single red line) and that the laptop is running on mains power. What does work (this is new) is that the display dims when the mains cord is removed then comes back to full brightness when it is replaced. Throughout this the battery charge and power indicators do not change. Running the mouse pointer over the battery icon gives a popup message telling me that no battery is present and the laptop is running on mains power.

I then removed the battery pack (with mains power applied) and then reinserted it.

After a few seconds the battery charge indicator now shows the charge state. I also get an indication of power source, battery or mains. When I remove the power cord the display dims and I get a message in the top-left corner telling me that the laptop is now on battery power. All indicators and icons then work correctly until the laptop is shut down.

This would seem to indicate an initilization failure in the battery detection when the laptop first starts up, everything else works.

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Register of Power Status Change Requires Removal & Reinsertion of Battery

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