[Bug 14284] sk98lin driver needs updating

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Sun Sep 11 02:18:34 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From lionknight at lionknight.net  2005-09-11 03:18 UTC -------
I'm under i386 platform but the problem is the same. I cannot install the driver
of my marvell yukon gigabit express ethernet card. So, I tried to patch the 
kernel 2.6.12 from ubuntu with the latest driver from syskonect (sk98lin 8.23)
because the skge module didn't worked at all, the install didn't worked because
of missing rules or something, so I tried in manual mode and patch the kernel
with the generated patch, and It didn't worked too. 
So I'm under linux without any abillity to surf on the internet, and also to
upgrade my breezy.

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