[Bug 14477] Install fails to load on Dell Precision 380 -- workaround included

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------- Additional Comments From jbailey at ubuntu.com  2005-09-01 13:57 UTC -------
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> The issue is that the intiramfs is traversing /sys and loading up modules for
> the devices. For some reason it is loading uhci-hcd for the usb bus when it
> should be loading ehci-hcd.

Can you give me the contents of the 'modaliases' file that it's finding in /sys?
 I need to figure out whether or not that string is duplicated for both uhci and
ehci.  If not, it should corrected to be the other one.  If it is, either one
should be removed, or I need a blacklist mechanism of some sort.

You can do this from a running system, no prob.

(If this doesn't make sense, let me know.)

Jeff Bailey

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