[Bug 2710] Non-detection of module required for initrd image at install

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> From what I understood, the initrd image that gets built with mkinitrd detects
> at the build time of the image what modules are required for the rootfs. In
> Warty and Hoary, this process checked /proc entries for the necessary device,
> and as the .proc_name section of a struct was not defined, the relevant part of
> the build process can not resolve which modules were necessary for the rootfs,
> hence why it fails at boot, and also why adding the module name to
> /etc/mkinitrd/modules worked for me.

Breezy does this a bit differently now.  We now load as many modules as we
reasonably can into the initrd(initramfs) by default, and autodetect at startup
which ones are suitable.  Hopefully this should resolve the problem completely.
 Both 3w_xxxx and 3x_9xxx are present in the initramfs'.

Jeff Bailey

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