[Bug 15988] DVD burner not recognized

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------- Additional Comments From martin.pitt at ubuntu.com  2005-10-24 08:18 UTC -------
For the record: hal can open the CD-ROM device, but the "ioctl (fd,
CDROM_GET_CAPABILITY, 0);" call fails. Unfortunately there is no debug output in
the failed case, so I don't know why it fails.

I prepared a patch which shows the reason for the failure. I'll attach the patch
here soon, and I will try to build an i386 package soon (I can't at the moment).
If you want, you can build the package yourself:

- download the patch
- sudo apt-get build-dep hal
- sudo apt-get install devscripts fakeroot
- apt-get source hal
- cd hal-0.5.3
- cp /path/to/downloaded/patch/improve-cdrom-debugging.patch debian/patches
- debuild -us -uc -b
- cd ..
- sudo dpkg -i *.deb

If this is too complicated for you, I'll build you an i386 package.

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