[Bug 16785] madwifi + wpa-psk auth + dhcp is not working

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(In reply to comment #5)
> After having another day to look at this, I've finally tracked the problem down.
> I have my router (wrt54g running openwrt with the nas linksys binary) set to use
> either wpa or wpa2.  Turns out that wpa_supplicant 0.4.5 is unable to
> authenticate in wpa mode when my router is set to wpa or wpa2.  But, if I set
> wpa_supplicant to use wpa2, it works.
> Also, if I set my router to use only wpa, and then set wpa_supplicant to use
> wpa, it works.
> So, the problem is with wpa_supplicant failing to authenticate with wpa when the
> router is set to wpa or wpa2.  Here's the error message I get when running in
> debug mode:
> could not parse WPA/RSN IE

Well, I tried it with a d-link DI-524 and a LinkSys WRT54G (With orig software
and dd-wrt).
I don't see an option to set only wpa/wpa2 or anything else.

So, seeing this, and not your option, how can we achieve this goal, to have
wpa_supplicant + madwifi running out of the box?

Using another card, with ndiswrapper this works btw out of the box.

I think using a router and using some software only setting on the router is no

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