[Bug 17923] New: ppscsi: Unknown symbol parport_get_port

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Sun Oct 16 19:13:55 UTC 2005

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           Summary: ppscsi: Unknown symbol parport_get_port
           Product: Ubuntu
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: amd64
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: linux
        AssignedTo: ben.collins at ubuntu.com
        ReportedBy: ubugtu at bugfree.fsnet.co.uk
         QAContact: kernel-bugs at lists.ubuntu.com

The 'ppscsi-source' package seems to have a kernel-related obstacle preventing
it from being used easily,
namely a required symbol that is not exported.
('ppscsi-source' is a Universe package but it's the Main kernel that has the
Steps to reproduce:
  Using Ubuntu Breezy (final release version) for amd64 (2.6.12-9-amd64-k8)

  # apt-get install ppscsi-source
      (version 0.3)
  # m-a a-i ppscsi
      (as documented in /usr/share/doc/ppscsi-source/README.Debian)
  # modprobe ppscsi
FATAL: Error inserting ppscsi (/lib/modules/2.6.12-9-amd64-k8/ppscsi/ppscsi.ko):
Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)

from 'dmesg':
  [ 9368.717523] ppscsi: Unknown symbol parport_get_port

This fault seems to be documented in this thread
  "HowTo patch the 2.6.10-5-386 hoary kernel to use hp scanjet 5100c with ppscsi"
where the poster suggests manually fixing the kernel source, then recompiling
and installing it
  "edit drivers/parport/share.c to avoid some stupid errors from modprobe
   in line 1007 you add:

I think this is a bug and should be incorporated into the breezy pre-packaged
kernels by default because, from a simple user point of view, you should be able
to just use 'module-assistant' to compile the extra modules to work with your
out-of-the-box kernel, so your hardware just works with minimum fuss.

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