[Bug 1940] ibook doesn't "wake up"

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Fri Oct 7 10:44:25 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From obiwan at mailmij.org  2005-10-07 11:44 UTC -------
for me, your patch works fine. For the hal case, but also when stressing hda/hdb in other ways. 
I've read your lkml post. You were right in assuming changing break in continue does not work, I tried that before trying 
the goto, but with a 'continue', choose_drive keeps on returning hdb, even when entering sleep, so hda never gets 
suspended, and it hangs on sleep. 
I think some thinking is needed about choose_drive though. It seems wrong that flooding the slave can prevent requests to 
the master getting through. Currently, it is not looking at the respective queues at all.  

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