[Bug 15188] Default update-grub behaviour is not intuitive

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------- Additional Comments From mdz at ubuntu.com  2005-10-06 21:18 UTC -------
To clarify this bug, since it's evolved a bit:

The following things are confusing about the current behaviour:

- 'kopt' and such are treated as configuration parameters, but written in the
form of comments.  Users naturally uncomment them.
- The automagic update markers are surprising.  Users add new entries to the
list, which seems reasonable, but then they disappear the next time update-grub
is run.
- Similarly, parameters which are added to the automatic stanzas are
unexpectedly lost

This is compounded by the fact that this is essentially an extended version of
upstream's config file syntax.  People who know menu.lst from elsewhere should
not expect to have things behave so differently.

The comments which explain this are buried in the middle of the file and often
overlooked, but I don't think that even a prominent comment excuses this kind of
surprising behaviour.

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