[Bug 15031] ALC880 + Intel 915GM - ICH6 results in Kernel panic

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------- Additional Comments From crimsun at fungus.sh.nu  2005-10-06 00:32 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #37)
> Does not work for me, I was booting the new kernel, loaded snd_hda_intel
> manually (is in hotplug/blacklist) and got this in syslog:
> Oct  5 22:38:59 localhost kernel: [4294910.669000] hda_codec: num_steps = 0 for
> NID=0xb
> Gnome recognizes soundcard but alsamixer not:
> alsamixer: function snd_mixer_load failed: Invalid argument
> Means no sound at all for me.
> Is there a way to confirm running the new kernel? I was wondering why I still
> have the nvidia module loaded on boot ... or have you packed this module into
> the deb file?

$ cat /proc/version

The kernel that I compiled does not include any nvidia.ko. Are you sure you're
running the 2.6.12-2.21 image that I built?

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