[Bug 8289] Crashes?

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------- Additional Comments From jorgepeixoto at redecasd.ita.br  2005-03-29 02:02 UTC -------
look at bug #8195. it may be related. 

Alson, I should point that

-> I performed memtest86 for hours and no errors showed. 

-> I performed a tough stress test and my computer freezed. When I opened it (to
ease ventilation) and put it in a better ventilated environment, it gained the
ability to whitstand stress tests for as long as I had the patience to wait for
(about 26 minuts till I pressed ctrl-c). So there were hardware problems indeed,
but only overheating, and that does not seem to be the cause of the bug since
when those two freezes ocurred, my computer was not under heavy load (not under
any load, actually). 

if it matters, the stress test was
while [ $i -lt 30 ] ; do echo $i ; stress --cpu 200 --vm 100 --hdd 10 --io 10
--timeout 60s ; i=`expr $i + 1` ; done

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