[Bug 8307] Unstable system (Oopses?) since 2.6.10

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------- Additional Comments From fabbione at ubuntu.com  2005-03-28 17:39 UTC -------
I can see 2 different things here going on.

In the first link http://atlas.et.tudelft.nl/1200348/pub/bugs/kern.log-old,
what filesystem were you using?

In the second installation it is clearly ext3 that it is OOpsing.

But i suspect that the problem is not the FileSystem otherwise you could see the
in one case but not another.

Also very suspicios are the hdd timeout from the first log.

Please can you tell me what is connected to the IDE chains?

I smell an hardware issue here. Can you please try to boot
with the LiveCD (hoary) and see if the kernel still OOpses?

from the live cd you should be able to run a badblock over
the harddisk.


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