[Bug 7377] Phantom powerbutton event?

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Wed Mar 23 07:43:19 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From jkka at ren.to  2005-03-23 07:43 UTC -------
For some reason not untill now I hadnt look for /var/log/acpid . Anyhow, dont
know if this makes any difference, but it is full of this:
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] BEGIN HANDLER MESSAGES
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] END HANDLER MESSAGES
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] action exited with status 0
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] completed event "button/power PWRF 00000080
00000046"[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] received event "button/power PWRF 00000080
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] executing action "/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh"
[Mon Mar 21 19:39:30 2005] BEGIN HANDLER MESSAGES
[Mon Mar 21 21:42:02 2005] starting up
[Mon Mar 21 21:42:02 2005] 21 rules loaded

Any way to disable the powerbutton event somehow? Removing the
/etc/acpi/powerbtn.sh doesnt help. acpi=off would propably help, but it hangs on
the part where it tries to load apm-daemon. How could I debug that? Any help
appreciated - Im willing to give any help/info I can.

In my humble opinion this is quite serious problem, as it seems that others are
suffering fom it also.

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